League Rules 2019


The League shall be known as the BARNSTAPLE SUMMER DARTS LEAGUE and be open to all dart players regardless of gender.

The object shall be to promote darts in Barnstaple and improve the standard of play in the town.

The organisers of the league shall deal with all matters arising during the playing season, their decision being final.

The organisers shall meet at intervals as and when they see fit to do so.

If a team pulls out of the league, results of completed games shall stand and no refund of match fees will be made to the team withdrawing or the opposing team. The points for all matches due to be played after a team withdraws will be awarded to the opposing team with no match fees payable.


Each player to pay £1 for each cup competition entered.

Each team to pay a match fee of £5.00 towards league funds for every league match played. The full fee is to be paid regardless of whether the team has enough players or not.

Match fees to be put in envelopes provided and handed into The Royal Exchange with completed score sheet by a representative of the winning team by 2pm on the Saturday following the match. The person handing in the sheet must sign the book to confirm this.

Remember, late sheets mean ALL points are awarded to the losing team. Full payment is still expected for late sheets.

If any payments are not made and remain outstanding after 2 weeks of the original fixture, the winning team will be deducted 9 points for a first offence and the team will be expelled from the league if the offence is repeated. Unpaid money will still be payable by the winning team of the said fixture.

Any team failing to pay the full match fee, for whatever reason, will be fined deducted 9 points by the league.


Captains must complete a registration form and submit it by the registration deadline on the registration form.
Details of how to do this are printed on the registration form.

The captain must put his/her own telephone number and email address on the registration form and if any fees are outstanding by the next registration night, he/she and their team will be banned from the league until such fees have been paid. Should this happen any interim fixtures will be classed as a win to the opposition and no fees charged to them.

No players will be able transfer to another team once the season has started unless they have not played at all.

If the same player has been registered for more than one team, the team that player plays for FIRST will be deemed the team to which they are registered for that season.

Teams to consist of a minimum of five players with no maximum limit on the number of players allowed to register. Please do not abuse this rule as the organisers will be keeping an eye on things.

The list of players registered for each team will be posted on the League's website.

There is no restriction as to who can register for a team – no limit on number of super league players.

All new players must be registered in writing, either on the Registration Form or on the score sheet.

Any player new to the league registered on a score sheet is eligible to play on that night.

You may not de-register a player at any time during the season regardless of whether they have played or not. However, if a player has not played at all they may register for another team before the registration deadline.

If an unregistered player takes part in a league match (either the singles, the pairs or the threes) then on the first offence the result will be amended as if the unregistered player(s) had lost every leg they played; after any subsequent offence the result will be amended as above and the team will be deducted two points in the singles league, two legs in the pairs league and two legs in the threes league for each subsequent breach of the rules.

No new players may be registered after the first half of league fixtures have been completed unless agreed by the organisers.


The actual day of play to be Thursday of each week.

All games must be played on standard size dartboards, with doubles and trebles, bull and inner bull.

Height of the board to be 5' 8" (1.73m) from centre of bull.

The length of throw shall be anywhere beyond 7' 9¼" (2.37m). The oche shall be marked by metal strip, heavy tape, movable oche, laser oche or oche mat.

The home team must provide a Scorer, each score to be written down and deducted, and scoreboards to be in a prominent position.

Each match shall consist of five singles games of best of five legs 501 double start, 1 pairs leg of 1001 flying start and 1 threes leg 1001 flying start. ALL LEGS TO BE PLAYED and results recorded on the sheets provided.

If there should be two divisions or more, where there are cups for all divisions, each division will only be eligible to play for its own division's cups.

Captains are not restricted to using the 5 singles players in the pairs and threes legs, but all players taking part must be registered with that team. Any registered player is eligible to play in the singles, pairs and threes on the same night.

A Bull to count as double 25. Three doubles or three trebles do NOT count as a rub.

Bust rule does not apply.

Order of play for singles, pairs and threes to be agreed by the captains before the match. If they do not agree, the home captain to determine order of play.

Away captain to write the name of their player on the sheet first, followed by the home captain.

Any team short of players for the singles may draw a player to play twice BEFORE the match starts. This can be done as many times as necessary during the season but no more than twice on the same night. Player(s) who play twice will play the final 1 or 2 singles matches on the sheet. If other players turn up, they will not be allowed to play in the singles if the draw for playing twice has been made.

The players (home player first) shall throw for bull before the first leg of each game to decide who throws first; the first throw in each leg shall alternate thereafter and players do not throw for bull before the deciding leg.

One point awarded for every singles game won. In addition, one point awarded for a pairs leg win and one point for a threes leg win. Two additional points awarded to the team winning the match overall.
All singles, pairs and threes legs to count towards final score. i.e. each match is worth a total of 9 points.

At the end of the season if two or more teams are level or points there is to be a play off. Count back will not be used.

Matches to start at 8.00pm. One player is to be at the venue and ready to play not later than 8.15pm.

Provided continuous play is maintained there shall be no need for other players to be present by any particular time.

There will be a time limit of 5 minutes allowed between each game.

No cancellations whatsoever unless due to mitigating circumstances beyond the cancelling teams control. Organisers to decide if the reason given is acceptable and the game rearranged. If not the team which did not cancel will be awarded all 9 points.

Any agreed cancelled games to be played before the last league fixture of the season, else all points will be awarded to the team which DID NOT cancel the original fixture. Rearranged fixtures can be played on any night of the week as long as BOTH captains and teams agree on the date.

In the event of any unfulfilled or unfinished matches, games or points will be awarded against the offending team at the discretion of the organisers.

Any complaints must be lodged with the organisers in writing by 2pm on the Saturday following the match together with a deposit of £5.00. Deposit to be refunded if complaint is upheld by organisers.

Any team failing to turn up and play its game will have the points awarded against them.


All score sheets are to be left on the box at The Royal Exchange by no later than 2pm on the Saturday following the game, complete with the match fees for each team.

It is the responsibility of the winning captain to see that this is done or his team will lose the points.

All outshots and starts of 100 or more and all 180s must be recorded on the score sheet.

No outshots or 180s will be accepted if not recorded on the score sheet and initialled by both captains.

Outshots, high starts and 180s achieved in all competitions (including cups) by registered league players will qualify for the highest out, highest start and 180 cups if they are awarded.


The winning team shall hold their Trophy for one season.

Should funds permit, trophies will be presented to members of the winning team and runners-up in all competitions, unless the team have opted to make a donation to charity instead.

All players scoring 180 will receive a 180 badge.

Should a team withdraw from the league, all trophies that are the property of the league must be returned immediately.

Only players registered with a team in Barnstaple Summer Darts League and who have played in 3 league games will be eligible to enter any cup competitions held by the league.

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